The Leading Irish Bands & Their Evergreen Hits

Westlife & Boyzone

Ireland is known for giving the world super singers and bands. Bands like Westlife & Boyzone has ruled millions of heart. Here are some of the famous Irish bands which you may like to listen. Stiff little fingers hail from Belfast. The other name of the Stiff little fingers was an Irish version of the clash. Unfortunately, they decided to break up in 1982 after giving their greatest hit alternative Ulster. Dropkick Murphys were from Boston and were the most famous in the punk community. Dropkick Murphys give a live performance on every St. Patrick’s Day. The greatest hit of the Dropkick Murphys is Kiss me.

Flogging Molly’s lead singer is a Dublin native, Dave King. This band attracts the people by giving a weekly performance at the pub in Los Angeles, Molly Malone’s. Drunken Lullabies are the best hits of them. The Irish Band, The Dubliners is the silent band on the list. They have recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary. The biggest hit of the Dubliners is the Whiskey in the Jar. The 90’s pop-rock, the cranberries are considered as one of those rare bands which has ruled the music charts with ‘Linger’ their greatest hit. Rory Gallagher is among those respected musicians who no one has ever heard. He is once called as the best guitarist by Jimi Hendrix and even compared to Led Zeppelin. You can listen to his all-time hit Bullfrog Blues.

Van Morrison is the artist who touches the soul of the listener with his kind of Jazz music. His greatest hit is Brown Eyed Girl, and he is a winner of six Grammys. U2, the band which has won 22 Grammys, have given huge hits like War; Achtung baby is a famous Irish band. Their latest album was released in 2013. Till date, their greatest hit is Sunday Bloody Sunday.

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