The Folk Fest Etiquette For Newbies

The Folk Fest

The Calgary folk fest is on its way, and many people are preparing to be a part of the fest. So if you want to keep yourself as a good neighbour, then there are certain things which you need to keep in mind. When you walk to your seat, or you walk to buy something, always walk on the tarp edge and avoid running. Try not to discuss things which are inappropriate in the fest situation. By discussing things like your pet’s disease, you are not allowing other people to listen completely. If you want to discuss, find another area so that you can talk about things without disturbing others.

Get the permission from your neighbours if you are setting your tarp up or picking a front spot of the main stage. By doing this, you can make good friends, and you will impress your neighbours too. So that in case someone else picks your place, the neighbours can inform that person that the place is already taken. Do not yell at your co-workers or to your artists. People hate it, and it will not give you a good impression about you.

The Folk Fest1

Study about your surroundings. Do not smoke near small children or when the children are around. If you feel you are a good dancer, then try to show some good moves to people. It will be a great way to relax you and also gives enjoyment to people. Do not try to be rude, if people come to visit the beer gardens. Always use the right festival chair so that people behind you can also see the views. You can also try to bring blankets and a water bottle so that you can refill it at the specific stations. Try to be environment- friendly, however, make sure that you lock your bike after giving space for the other bikes so that the other people can also free the bike from the parking space.

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