Rockstars and beards – are they part of the package?

What do you normally think of when the term rockstar is brought up? Perhaps, you can imagine someone wearing black with lots of piercing and tattoos or just an aura of being badass. Perhaps, this is true, especially since almost every rock band out there has maintained this kind of look throughout the ages. They can’t be blamed though. They are singing a specific type of song which is more upbeat and even strange at some point. It does not make sense if they come out on stage looking dapper and glammed up. They need to look edgy and bizarre.

One of the signature looks by rockstars in the past though is growing a beard. Let’s take guitarist Scott Ian of the 80’s band, Anthrax. His signature long chin tuft with a tinge of color has totally made him stand out. It might not have become a trend, but it definitely made him an icon at that even if he was not the lead singer.

You might have also remembered Frank Zappa. His beard is unique in a sense as he only grew the one that is located just below the lower lip. He did not grow a full beard. It seems really weird, but he was able to pull it off. Also, thanks to being a musical genius, he was easily noticed and his songs became major hits during his time.

Of course, we also have Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. He has popularized a lot of songs back then that have become iconic songs that people still appreciate until now. Aside from his ability to really rock it out, he also has a distinct look. It is as if he is a mad guy who didn’t give a care in the world. He has grown a beard of different lengths throughout his musical career.

It’s not a package though

You might think that since a lot of great rock artists have grown a beard, it is a pre-requisite in becoming one. In fact, a lot of modern rock artists have let go of this image. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 for instance has kept it clean almost all throughout his career, especially when he has become a coach for The Voice. The rocker from down under, Keith Urban, has also maintained a clean look even if he is a rock artist. At times, he grows a beard, but it did not reach the same length as many other rock artists in the past have. It seems like for these artists, electric shavers are must haves.

In short, it really depends on the artist. At the end of the day though, it is their talent that counts. They can try to pull off a bad guy image all they want, but if they can’t come up with a song that can attract people or nice vocals that can be appreciated across generations, their career will definitely not soar. They can always package themselves in such a way that they can be easily remembered by their fans.

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