Know The Supergroup KAN

Know The Supergroup KAN

For all those people who dream to form music band and take your passion towards music on a high, KAN, the supergroup will be a perfect example. On April 30th you have seen the release of the debut album of KAN, named Sleeper. The combination of Flook and Lau has made the album a winner as everybody is enjoying it. The famous Northern Ireland flutist Brian Finnegan and the Aidan O’Rourke who can create magic in fiddle has worked in KAN. Along with these famous personalities, the other artists such as Ian Stephenson on guitar and James Goodwin on percussion has also put in their shares in making KAN a successful group.

Supergroup KAN

You will also find KAN an impressive group, if you know that they have performed with Kate Rusby, Blazin’ Fiddles, Kathryn Tickell, Wayne Shorter, Eddy Reader, Roddy Woomble, Baltic Crossing, Jack Bruce, Bella Hardy, Nitin Sawhney, , Jan Garbareck, Karine Polwart, Northern Sinfonia, Justin Currie, Adem, Sting, OMD , Katherine Jenkins, Trilok Gurtu and the list goes on.
KAN has performed folk and jazz which are the highlights of the album. The band members are already famous for their diversification and the new sound forging. Since they have the experience of working together, they have formed the idea way back.

The Mayan meaning of the word KAN is yellow seed and according to the Mayan calendar 2010 was the year which they considered as KAN. That was the year which was the time to begin new things, planting a seed, etc. The first song in the album itself is an attention catcher. Each artist has displayed their best in this album. The album Sleeper has set a standard by going beyond expectations. If all the coming albums reach this standard, then it will be a reward for all music lovers.

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