Do Guitars Require Maintenance?

Guitars are great musical instruments. It is easy to learn to play the guitar. They are also perfect for playing almost any genre of song. If you have one at home, you should also focus on how to take good care of it. There are ways for you to maintain the overall look and function of your guitar.

  1. Polish it. You should clean and polish the top, side and bottom portion of the guitar on a regular basis. You may use furniture polish if your guitar is made from wood. You can find liquid polish designed specifically for cleaning the guitar. Just make sure not to use harmful chemicals that could alter the colour of the guitar.
  2. Change the strings. There are instances when you have to change the strings. They may be overused. You can’t just use the same strings over and over again or else they won’t produce the same quality sounds. Check out the best strings for an acoustic-electric guitar and you will realise that changing the strings often doesn’t have to be expensive.
  3. Store it well. There is a guitar case for the guitar. Use it to protect the guitar. It is usually hard to protect the strings. Don’t just place the guitar anywhere especially near kids. They might destroy the strings. Hang them in a place where they are out of reach for kids.
  4. Don’t expose them to heat. Since your guitar is made from wood or plastic, they might react negatively to changing temperatures. Avoid placing them in really hot or cold surface over a longer period of time as there could be negative effects. They need a dry environment to keep the same safe and fully functional.
  5. Check the screws. It is also important to tighten the screws to ensure quality sounds. Strap-pins and tuning machines should also be checked every now and then. It also helps that you play songs often to ensure that the guitar is in shape. Just like any other item at home, guitars also weaken over time. They won’t sound as good if not used often.

Now that you understand the proper way of taking care of guitars, you better get started.

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